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How data scientists visualize their data

The presentation of insights gleaned from data matters, and 51% data scientists preferred this one tool.

Most preferred programming language

There results were spilt almost evenly, with 44% preferring one language and 35% preferring another with a host of other fringe players picking up the fragments.

Data Science Skills Report 2018 

What makes a great Data Scientist?

Finding open data for analysis

Finding raw data is the first step that will have a huge impact on the outcomes, and 27% relied on this one source to find clean data.

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Skilled data scientists can help organizations unearth impactful insights that transform how companies function and boost their revenue. That’s why data scientists are in great demand, and we explore how the best data scientists in the industry are leveraging existing tools and infrastructure to stay on top. The Data Science skills report is a product of the collaboration between Great Learning and Analytics India Magazine, throws like on key insights such as:

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